Validity of Waivers and Quitclaims

The Court has ruled that a waiver or quitclaim is a valid and binding agreement between the parties, provided that it constitutes a credible and reasonable settlement, and that the one accomplishing it has done so voluntarily and with a full understanding of its import.18

We agree with the Labor Arbiter and the NLRC that respondents were sufficiently apprised of their rights under the waivers and quitclaims that they signed. Each document contained the signatures of Edward Marcaida (Marcaida), PICCB President, and Atty. Bayani Diwa, the counsel for the union, which proved that respondents were duly assisted when they signed the waivers and quitclaims. Further, Marcaida’s letter to Teo Kee Bin, dated 28 May 2004, proved that proper assistance was extended upon respondents, thus:

Nais po naming iparating sa inyo na ginagampanan ng pamamahala ng unyon ang kanilang tungkulin lalo na sa pag “assist” ng mga miyembrong kasali sa retrenchment program at tumanggap ng kanilang separation pay sa ilalim ng napagkasunduang “Memorandum of Agreement.”

Naipaliwanag po sa bawat miyembro ang epekto ng kanilang pagtanggap ng kanilang mga separation pay. Wala kaming natanggap na masamang reaksiyon nang sila ay aming makausap at kanilang naiintindihan ang sitwasyon ng kumpanya.19

Hence, we rule that the waivers and quitclaims that respondents signed were valid.

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Born on December 28, 1965, Surallah, South Cotabato, Southern Mindanao, Philippines.
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