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Allegations in the complaint that clearly makes out a case for unlawful detainer is essential to confer jurisdiction over the subject matter on the MTC.

Well-settled is the rule that what determines the nature of the action, as well as the court which has jurisdiction over the case, are the allegations in the complaint.  In ejectment cases, the complaint should embody such statement of facts … Continue reading

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if there is already a writ of execution, there must still be a need for a special order for the purpose of demolition issued by the court before the officer in charge can destroy, demolish or remove improvements over the contested property

Indeed, the basic facts of this case point squarely to the applicability of the law on human relations.  First, the complaint for civil liability was filed way AHEAD of the information on the Anti-Graft Law.  And, the complaint for damages … Continue reading

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Registered owners have a right to eject any person illegally occupying their property. This right is imprescriptible.

Further, it is a fundamental principle in land registration that the certificate of title serves as evidence of an indefeasible and incontrovertible title to the property in favor of the person whose name appears therein.[14] It is conclusive evidence with … Continue reading

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Issue in Ejectment Case

The only issue in an ejectment case is the physical possession of real property ‒ possession de facto and not possession de jure.    We rule upon the issue of ownership only to determine who between the parties has the better … Continue reading

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