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Whether the Torrens title over the disputed properties was collaterally attacked in the action for partition?

Would a resolution on the issue of ownership subject the Torrens title issued over the disputed realties to a collateral attack? Most definitely, it would not. There is no dispute that a Torrens certificate of title cannot be collaterally attacked,[32] … Continue reading

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The applicant for registration must present a copy of the original classification approved by the DENR Secretary and certified as a true copy by the legal custodian of the official records

The Motion for Reconsideration fails. The Advance Plans and Consolidated Plans are hardly the competent pieces of evidence that the law requires.  The notation by a geodetic engineer on the survey plans that properties are alienable and disposable does not … Continue reading

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What are the things to be established in order to be qualified applicants for registration of title?

After going over the records, the Court agrees with the OSG that the respondents indeed failed to sufficiently prove that they are entitled to the registration of the subject lands.           Sec. 14(1) of P.D. No. 1529[7] in relation to … Continue reading

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The right of a person deprived of land or of any estate or interest therein by adjudication or confirmation of title obtained by actual fraud is recognized by law as a valid and legal basis for reopening and revising a decree of registration.

Going to the second issue that the appellate court’s decision is not supported by law and Jurisprudence, we find this to be vague and without merit as well. At the time material hereto, registration of untitled land was pursuant to … Continue reading

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