Simple neglect of duty

Simple neglect of duty is defined as the failure to give proper attention to a task expected from an employee resulting from either carelessness or indifference.[68] In this regard, the Court finds Parungao, as HRMO, guilty of simple neglect of duty. Given her duties under the CSC Accreditation Program, she should have been aware of the reportorial requirements, and of the fact that it is the CSC which has authority over appointments, and not the DBM. Had she given the proper attention to her responsibility as HRMO, the first set of appointment papers would never have been issued, thereby avoiding the present predicament altogether.

When a public officer takes an oath of office, he or she binds himself or herself to faithfully perform the duties of the office and use reasonable skill and diligence, and to act primarily for the benefit of the public. Thus, in the discharge of duties, a public officer is to use that prudence, caution and attention which careful persons use in the management of their affairs.[69] Parungao failed to exercise such prudence, caution and attention.

Simple neglect of duty is classified under the Uniform Rules on Administrative Cases in the Civil Service as a less grave offense punishable by suspension without pay for one month and one day to six months. Finding no circumstance to warrant the imposition of the maximum penalty of six months, and considering her demonstrated good faith, the Court finds the imposition of suspension without pay for one month and one day as justified.

6 Responses to Simple neglect of duty

  1. charity says:

    i need examples of neglect of duty…

  2. wewe says:

    as list of neglect of duty would be appreciable

  3. I need SC Decisions on Gross Neglect of Duty & Simple Neglect of Duty. Thanks for the assistance.

  4. mark joseph says:

    i need examples !

  5. Boni Tan says:

    If someone accuses of simple neglect of duty and say just a first offense, Is he/she entitled to the mid-year and yr end bonus and PEI.

  6. Benjamin H. Lajot, jr. says:

    2007 PNP Disciplinary Rules of Procedure

    (Memorandum Circular No. 2007-001)

    1) Neglect of Duty or Nonfeasance – is the omission or refusal , without sufficient excuse, to perform an act or duty, which it was the peace officer’s legal obligation to perform; implies a duty as well as its breach and the fact that can never be found in the absence of duty.

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