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An acting appointee has no cause of action for quo warranto against the new appointee

An acting appointee has no cause of action for quo warranto against the new appointee The Rules of Court requires that an ordinary civil action must be based on a cause of action,[63] which is defined as an act or … Continue reading

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R.A. No. 6975 does not prohibit the appointment of an acting NAPOLCOM Commissioner in filling up vacancies in the NAPOLCOM

The petitioner claims that Roces was supposed to serve a full term of six years counted from the date of her appointment in October (should be September) 2004.[13] Since she failed to finish her six-year term, then the petitioner is entitled … Continue reading

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The power to appoint vested in the President includes the power to make temporary appointments, unless he is otherwise specifically prohibited by the Constitution or by the law, or where an acting appointment is repugnant to the nature of the office involved

I.               Nature of petitioner’s appointment a.                 A staggered term of office is not inconsistent with an acting appointment The petitioner asserts that contrary to what appears in his appointment paper, the appointment extended to him was really a regular appointment; … Continue reading

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