Gross negligence

“Gross negligence,” on the other hand, is characterized by the want of even slight care, acting or omitting to act in a situation where there is a duty to act, not inadvertently but willfully and intentionally, with a conscious indifference to consequences as far as other persons are concerned.[16]

Gross negligence connotes want of care in the performance of one’s duties, while habitual neglect implies repeated failure to perform one’s duties for a period of time, depending on the circumstances. The single or isolated act of negligence does not constitute a just cause for the dismissal of an employee.[39]

1 Response to Gross negligence

  1. what if an cashier was 1300 php cash short and willing to pay but not too soon because she’s struggling financially that moment. but the manager suspend her right after that duty. and she will give another schedule to duty if she can pay her shortages. is that legal? kindly help her… she suffered from stress and migraine after that memo was posted.

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