Moot and Academic

In Gunsi, Sr. v. Commissioners, The Commission on Elections,[16] the Court defined a moot and academic case as follows:

A moot and academic case is one that ceases to present a justiciable controversy by virtue of supervening events, so that a declaration thereon would be of no practical value. As a rule, courts decline jurisdiction over such case, or dismiss it on ground of mootness.

With the conduct of the 2010 barangay elections, a supervening event has transpired that has rendered this case moot and academic and subject to dismissal.  This is because, as stated in Fernandez v. Commission on Elections,[17] “whatever judgment is reached, the same can no longer have any practical legal effect or, in the nature of things, can no longer be enforced.” Mendoza’s term of office has expired with the conduct of last year’s local elections. As such, Special Civil Action No. 08-10, where the assailed Orders were issued, can no longer prosper. Mendoza no longer has any legal standing to further pursue the case, rendering the instant petition moot and academic.

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