When Mother of Child Can be Deprived of Custody?

As a general rule, a child under 7 years of age shall be in the custody of the mother (Art 213 of the Family Code). This is known as the maternal preference rule or tender-years-rule.

But this rule is not absolute and it has some exceptions, This includes finding compelling evidence showing the mother’s unfitness such as:

  • neglect
  • abandonment
  • unemployment
  • immorality
  • habitual drunkenness
  • drug addiction
  • maltreatment of the child
  • insanity
  • affliction with a communicable disease

See  Agnes Hirsch vs. CA and Franklin Hirsch (GR No. 174485, July 11, 2007)


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Born on December 28, 1965, Surallah, South Cotabato, Southern Mindanao, Philippines.
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