How do you compute backwages when notice of reinstatement is ignored?

Employees who are illegally dismissed are entitled to full backwages, inclusive of allowances and other benefits or their monetary equivalent, computed from the time their actual compensation was withheld from them up to the time of their actual reinstatement. But if reinstatement is no longer possible, the backwages shall be computed from the time of their illegal termination up to the finality of the decision. Thus, when there is an order of reinstatement, the computation of backwages shall be reckoned from the time of illegal dismissal up to the time that the employee is actually reinstated to his former position. Pursuant to the order of reinstatement rendered by the Labor Arbiter, the Bank of Lubao sent Manabat a letter requiring him to report back to work on May 4, 2007. Notwithstanding the said letter, Manabat opted not to report for work. Thus, it is but fair that the backwages to be awarded to Manabat should be computed from the time that he was illegally dismissed until the time when he was required to report for work, i.e. from September 1, 2005 until May 4, 2007

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