In cases where there is no evidence of dismissal, the remedy is reinstatement but without backwages.

In   cases where there   is  no   evidence   of   dismissal, the   remedy is reinstatement but without backwages. In this case, both the Labor Arbiter and the NLRC made a finding that there was no dismissal much less an illegal one. “It is settled that factual findings of quasi-judicial agencies are generally accorded respect and finality so long as these are supported by substantial evidence.”[31]

In Leonardo v. National Labor Relations Commission,[32] this Court held that:

In a case where the employee’s failure to work was occasioned neither by his abandonment nor by a termination, the burden of economic loss is not rightfully shifted to the employer; each party must bear his own loss.

Thus, inasmuch as no finding of illegal dismissal had been made, and considering that the absence of such finding is supported by the records of the case, this Court is bound by such conclusion and cannot allow an award of the payment of backwages.

Lastly, since there was no need to award backwages to respondents, the ruling of the CA that Javalera is solidarily liable with Exodus International Construction Corporation in paying full backwages need not be discussed.


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