Nature and Features Corporate Rehabilitation

To begin with, corporate rehabilitation connotes the restoration of the debtor to a position of successful operation and solvency, if it is shown that its continued operation is economically feasible and its creditors can recover more, by way of the present value of payments projected in the rehabilitation plan, if the corporation continues as a going concern than if it is immediately liquidated.[17] It contemplates a continuance of corporate life and activities in an effort to restore and reinstate the corporation to its former position of successful operation and solvency, the purpose being to enable the company to gain a new lease on life and allow its creditors to be paid their claims out of its earnings.[18]

A principal feature of corporate rehabilitation is the suspension of claims against the distressed corporation. Section 6 (c) of Presidential Decree No. 902-A, as amended, provides for suspension of claims against corporations undergoing rehabilitation, to wit:

Section 6 (c). x x x

x x x Provided, finally, that upon appointment of a management committee, rehabilitation receiver, board or body, pursuant to this Decree, all actions for claims against corporations, partnerships or associations under management or receivership pending before any court, tribunal, board or body, shall be suspended accordingly.[19]

  In November 21, 2000, this Court En Banc promulgated the Interim Rules of Procedure on Corporate Rehabilitation,[20] Section 6, Rule 4 of which provides a stay order on all claims against the corporation, thus:

Stay Order. – If the court finds the petition to be sufficient in form and substance, it shall, not later than five (5) days from the filing of the petition, issue an Order x x x; (b) staying enforcement of all claims, whether for money or otherwise and whether such enforcement is by court action or otherwise, against the debtor, its guarantors and sureties not solidarily liable with the debtor; x x x[21]

In Finasia Investments and Finance Corporation v. Court of Appeals,[22] the term “claim” has been construed to refer to debts or demands of a pecuniary nature, or the assertion to have money paid. The purpose for suspending actions for claims against the corporation in a rehabilitation proceeding is to enable the management committee or rehabilitation receiver to effectively exercise its/his powers free from any judicial or extrajudicial interference that might unduly hinder or prevent the rescue of the debtor company.[23]


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