Statutory Construction

It is a rule in statutory construction that every part of the statute must be interpreted with reference to the context, i.e., that every part of the statute must be considered together with the other parts, and kept subservient to the general intent of the whole enactment.[Land Bank of the Philippines v. AMS Farming Corporation, G.R. No. 174971.  October 15, 2008, 569 SCRA 154, 183]  Because the law must not be read in truncated parts, its provisions must be read in relation to the whole law.  The statute’s clauses and phrases must not, consequently, be taken as detached and isolated expressions, but the whole and every part thereof must be considered in fixing the meaning of any of its parts in order to produce a harmonious whole. [Mactan-Cebu International Airport Authority v. Urgello, G.R. No. 162288.  April 4, 2007, 520 SCRA 515, 535  Consistent with the fundamentals of statutory construction, all the words in the statute must be taken into consideration in order to ascertain its meaning. [Smart Communications, Inc. vs. The City of Davao, G.R. No. 155491, September 16, 2008, 565 SCRA 237, 247-248]

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